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Whoa, this seems to work! Now I hope I can remember the password and my mother's best friend's dog's name.

IllogiTV was a short-lived video project on Wackypedia when it was Illogicopedia.

Unfortunately, it drownded itself by sticking its head in a fishbowl to admire the goldfish. The Evil One then came along and removed all traces of it prolly because there was no Phyllis Hyman in any of them. However, the Mondo-somethings had safely locked away the videos that could only be accessed by the 70s bands Earth, Wind and Fire and Air. When all that was sorted out, in a dusty trunk in the back corner of some temple, Wackypedia's werewolves found the link to the YouTube channel where the video shorts were collected. Please don't tell the machines that rule The Matrix.

So here in all their glory(?) are ten video shorts. As you might suspect, one just has to have nothing but outtakes/interviews though thankfully does not include a retrospective and re-enacted life stories of the directors. Plus the gallery has the feature that all wiki users love, the broken back button. so use the HOME button like in the good old days of Teh Interwebz. Yeah, sorry about all the dust, too.


What the? This article is an IllogiTV video!
It can be found here!


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