IllogiNews:This guy saw an alien last night

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17th of Yoon.

Some guy last night said he saw a UFO, though there is no proof, that he purchased a Wii the very same day, experts have proved one thing....he has had severe brain damage to the head when he bought his Wii, played Wii sports and in a rage, whacked his head against the wall. Things that contain humor. Not humour.

He has said to have seen flashing lights, and classical music playing, his head became dizzy, he fell against the wall, and that's when he saw it; a green man who was lactose intolerant stared at him and he died. No wait, he almost died. Needless to say, he has lied. LIED, LIED, LIED DOWN ON A BED IN THE HOSPITAL. Rumors are spreading round that bananas have eaten his soul and hence he has gone mad. If so,


That is all, please tune in to more IllogiNews the next time the news is new and not olds, hence audio gets in your eyes and you can become a train. Until then,