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Guess what Idaho is famous for. Just guess.

Just one guess.

No, it's not license plates. It's potatoes. Idaho's got the bestest and biggest potatoes you can imagine. All different kinds for all kinds of purposes. All you eat are french fries? well, we do those spuds, too. Got a potato gun? We have the right size for every caliber.

You probably notice the "scenic" part on the plate. That's a given most anywhere in Idaho. Wherever you go, you can see potato fields to the horizon in every direction. We've got that great friable soil that's perfect for growing taters, plus plenty of water for them. Now see those forests and mountains? We're busy tearing them down so that you will be able to have more potatoes for your dining pleasure. When they're finally all gone, there will nothing to spoil the fabulous view of potato fields as far as the eye can see. We all live in underground bunkers out here, but every one has a periscope so we can keep watch on and admire our potato fields.

But there's more than just potatoes in Idaho. We have some famous residents of which we're justifiably proud. You probably heard of Mr. Potato Head that the toy was modeled on. He's an ambassador for both Idaho and the potato industry. He was born and bred just outside Pocatello. Don't forget there's Mrs. Potato Head, too. Then there's a bunch of famous dead Injuns that we don't talk too much about because their cows would always get loose and trample the potato fields.

Seeing as you drove up to visit, I'm giving you each a souvenir potato to take back home. Now if you flew, I'd just mail it to you since you'd go over the 75 lb. baggage limit. Give me a second to get the neighbor's kid and we'll get those two potatoes tied to the roof of your vehicle right quick.

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