I.C. Weiner

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I.C. Weiner was a questionable name change by an Arizonan originally named I.C. Wiener. He had alway been teased and harassed by classmates over his name, given to him by his drunken parents, Oscar Mayer and Hormel Wiener. Upon his 18th birthday, I.C. took the opportunity to legally change his name. Appearing in court, he was disturbed to find that his two choices, Seymour Butts and Ben Dover, were already taken. So he hastily just swapped two letters in his name, and that was that.

In college, I.C. was involved in a chemistry lab accident that was caused when he was running with scissors. A massive explosion occurred and he was blown to bits. It was days later when workers were sifting through the rubble that, ironically, they found his penis in a wrecked but still working freezer.

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