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“An evil band of musicians who aren't famous anymore, so they take their anger out on anyone.”

Hail, Hydra! No, THIS Hydra, not that snake thing!

Yes, our evil organization CAN make it hail anytime we like. We just don't like to do it too often. Now if you said "Rain, Hydra!", that would be no problem also. We can even do "Rain of small frogs, Hydra!" but you have to call 3 weeks in advance since it's a little more complicated.

And stop criticizing us for being copycats of Nazism. The uniforms we got through historical re-enactor supply houses are cheap and we got a good wholesale deal. Yeah, the boss, Red Skull, was a Nazi, but he's more of a neoNazi now. Plus we've got better equipment than those guys ever had, like lasers and molecular twangulators. So don't mess with us, or we just might visit you in the dead of night and tip over all your patio furniture.

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