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You were not looking for human, so don't even try clicking that link.


Surprise and Terror! I am greeted by the smooth and hostile faces of our old enemy, the Huge-glands, no, I remember, the Hunams!

~ Spathi Captain on hunams

Hunams are of the species Somo Hapiens and are regarded as a corrosive chemical class 14-B by the EPA Welfare Protection Act. They are today forbidden in most workplaces and public institutions. Most hunams are currently undergoing spleenectomy, so, luckily, they do not pose much of a threat to today's frogs. It is generally accepted that the only important thing accomplished by hunams was the creation of Stuttgart Klackon! Mrrshan Diplomacy!. It has long been rumored that penguins are currently plotting to finally end the existence of hunams.


A part of the said hunam
A hunam

Guid ta see ya! Too bad I don't speak damn Scots!