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Breakfast 04.jpg

Now look here, waitress! I ordered a simple warfle off your menu and you bring me THIS! It looks like somebody ran over this with a monster truck! I demand you call the police and have the CSI unit sent over immediately to identify the tire tread so that we can find the culprit in ten minutes or less.

Then what is this yellow blob on top of it? Axle grease? Did some bird lay an egg on top which broke? What kind of zoo is this where all this can happen before my breggfuss gets to me?

Wut? Warfles are supposed to look like this???!!! And they’re called waffles, you say??? Hmph. And that’s butter on top? I suppose that makes sense. Then you’re going to tell me next that this isn’t a zoo, amirite? It isn’t. Oh. A restaurant, you call this place. Aha, then I won’t complain about the lack of animal smells.

Okay, well, you can also bring me a glass of aren’t juice.