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I'm glad you asked!

The key is careful preparation.



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  • First, take your fake identity card and passport... You don't have any? It's really important to have these to avoid leaving a trail for those trying to follow you.
  • Then, take your packets of various banknotes and... Nothing like that? You're going to need cash of all kinds to make a quick getaway. Fake money? Monopoly money. Close enough.
  • Put everything in your escape bag and leave your place via the fire escape. I'll bet you don't have one of those, right? Thought so.
  • Then fly to Switzerland... Yes, in an airplane! That's why you need cash. And that's why you have to pay careful attention to these instructions.
  • When you arrive, go to your bank with the number for your secret account... Nothing like that, either? Wow.

Wait. That's an antique car you're in. I see it's... Okay, new instructions.

  • Reach over and pull up on the handle on the door, then push out. Jeez.
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