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Unlike New York City, Hong Kong does not have 50th floor walk-up apartments.

Hong Kong is a place that does not exist anymore.

Once a sleepy fishing village, it became a trading center when Europeans like the Portuguese and British arrived in China. Since the Chinese didn't want anything that Europe made, traders could only pay for Chinese goods in gold and silver. Soon, Britain started selling opium to China to avoid paying real cash. Since China didn't like having a bunch of junkies for some strange reason, they started the Opium War. The British Empire won and took Hong Kong as a result.

Hong Kong eventually became a major trade and finance center with all kinds of goods passing through marked as "Made in Hong Kong". Not that there weren't all kinds of things being made in Hong Kong, what with millions of people now crammed into a few square miles who were needed to make money to do things like eating. When the Commies came into power over the rest of China, they were interested in taking over Hong Kong and its worker bees, but left the place alone, afraid of the British king. It was not until 1997 that Hong Kong was turned back to China with a promise not to kill the entire entire population. The Commies figured that Hong Kong would eventually become good Commies themselves, adopting the tenets of Party loyalty and corruption. So Hong Kong was allowed to travel the old capitalist road because they were making money.

Hong Kong had mass protests during the 21st century as impatient China tried to tighten the screws. So, the Great Commie Fairy Committee waved their magic wands in 2020 and POOF!, Hong Kong became just another Chinese city.