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Hitler doing what he did best: the 'around the world'.

Hitler was a very misunderstood man. Literally.

Evidence of Hitler Gayness[edit]


Hitler was in love with the occupation named "dentistry"; Hitler sent it personal applications all the time...

Adolf Elisabeth Tamiächen Hitler was a hermo and his mum was a jew and his dad was a jew and his anut was a jew and his dad was a jew but his cat was spanishhhh ohhhhhh rivttaaaaaaa.

he loved being AY SO much he had to go to meetings. his mum wasnt happt. so she ate him.

hittler full name is

hitler rivia flirtasios napkin soup jonson.

oh yes cookie

Adolf Hitler by George Hamburg[edit]

Hitler meets Churchill to negotiate a good car insurance deal, and how to 'walk the dog'.
I know lots about history
And about the regadeeee
I think its a fat person
maybe as fat as a fat crayon
crayons are faattt
Fat as snuggles
But not snuggles
'Cause snuggles isn't fat.
Well I know!
Do you know?
Oh them mexicans
They don't like cows
or me.
I giggle at the face of pickle parties
I love the taste of Smarties.
by George Hamburg


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