Hindleyite's comment on the Main Page

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On January 11, 2007, Hindleyite said that he "liked how the main page was starting to take shape now." This is obviously something that the world should know, because it is VERY important, what with the war in Iraq, and the war, and the Iraq, and the mild cheddar cheese cupcakes in Antarctica.

Another admin and co-founder, Silent Penguin, was interviewed about this comment:

Interviewer: Now, as you know, Hindleyite recently made a comment about how he liked the main page was starting to take shape. How does that make you feel?
Seppy: Very thirsty.
Interviewer: So how did you react, when you heard about this statement?
Seppy: I went to get a drink of water.
Interviewer: (aside to camera) Isn't that astounding!

Other people have also described their feelings about the comment as "thirsty." Some, however, felt disturbed, wondering if the main page was going to take shape in a more literal sense. And what shape would it take? Perhaps a hooded guy dressed all in black, who floated around saying, "The moon is currently in its second quarter and is 34% full..."