Himalaya Mountains

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Mt. Everetts really looks like this, all the time. Paramount put up the stars and wording to compete with the HOLLYWOOD sign. Swear!

The Himalaya Mountains or Himalayas are located between India and China with Nepal and Bhutan perched on top, like the mountain range was a wedding cake or something.

The mountain range is the highest in the world despite its friends nagging it about smoking too much shit. It has the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everetts, which is, wow, really tall. Next is K2, named after the drug manufactured by hippies living there in the bowels of the Earth. If Captain Obvious were here, he'd tell you that the Himalayas have 50 mountains that are over 7,200 m tall (6 ft+, at least).

And there are people living up there, not just mountain goats and yetis. Plus, deep underground are the gnomes plotting your death. There are also dwarves mining for gold under the watchful eye of Auric Goldfinger. Far deeper still are the balrogs, using the fires of hell to try to come up with the next deep fried horror at your next county fair.

Scientists tell us that the Himalayas are still growing. No wonder, since the Indian subcontinent is grinding and rubbing up against Asia. Scientists have told them to get a room, but to no avail. Intelligent design proponents can only shake their heads in disapproval.

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