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This is a brief introduction to common HTML tags on wikis.


Increasing/decreasing text size[edit]

There's a couple of ways to alter the size of text. The simplest is to use some basic HTML tags:

<big>Your text here</big>
<small>Your text here</small>

You can nest these to make text even larger (or smaller) aswell:

<big><big>Your text here</big></big>
<small><small><small>Your text here</small></small></small>

A second way to do it is this:

<p style="font-size:100%;line-height:110%">Your text here</p>

...where the percentage size of the text is adjustable. You can also change the line spacing with line height percentage.

Reproducing code/fixed width font[edit]

To format in this manner is simple.
Just leave a space at the beginning of the line.

Or you could use the <pre>Text goes here</pre> tags which achieves the same thing but with no wiki formatting. Beware, there is no word wrap for this.

Change text font[edit]

Use <font face=courier>Yer text</font>. Par example:

Yes I can hack the Internet! Suck it, society.

One thing to remember with this: use only very common fonts, like Times, Verdana, Arial, Courier, Tahoma, else it might not appear on users' systems.

As an example, this sentence will only appear in the face Impact if you have that font installed on your computer.

Change text colour[edit]

<font color=red>This text will be red</font>


This text will be red

This example produces red text. Note the American spelling. You can also specify hex codes (eg. #FFFFFF for solid white) - the full range of colour names can be found at Wackypedia:Palette.

Underline and strikethrough[edit]

Underline a batch of text:

<u>Your text here</u>: Your text here

Place a strikethrough:

<s>Your text here</s>: Your text here

Mathematical equations[edit]


<math>insert formula here</math>

Help from elsewhere[edit]