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I'm gonna unmount for a bit....

A hard disk is a thingy in your Computer Thats meant to run it, but just repeatedly gets drunk on the beer tipped down the side of it and crashes. I tried to find mine, but all i got was a 5-week old bannana with eeble sonk written down its side. Oh well, at least i didnt find any grues. Oh hang on what this little thing over here in the corner. Come here little fella come here AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAA-mmm,tasty- AAAAAAAAAARRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRG GGGGGGGGHHHHH (gasp) HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

*user is eaten by a grue*


Hang on, i just got eaten and now i writing this? What happened? *looks around and sees the grue that just ate him again* It would appear that I'm in a grue, what a grue-some predicament! I'm sorry, it was bad.

AAAAAAAA! DIE BIZATCH! *Jojo Randomise pwns the grue with the 5-week old bannana*

There we go, much better, now where was I?... AH! thats it, today's weather report.

And today...[edit]

You can expect most of the usual crappy rain - woah, I knew rain came from God taking a slash, but crappy rain? Ot oh.... Oh and theres a few tornados around leeds and manchester (YAY!), and a slight chance of the armaggedon. But don't hold your breath, - because you need to breath.

News Update[edit]


A gerbil has just absolutely pwnd a dog at the world cheese eating championships, and at the world chess masters cup this morning, an unexpected result turned out. Heres a short clip-

Common-tater:Its really tense here, it could go either way, but its lolcheese's go now. It looks like hes gonna move the queen. Sweat is running down Kasperov's face. Lolcheese place the queen AND O MY GOD! ITS CHECKMATE! I CANT BELIVE IT! ITS CHECKMATE! A COMPLETLY UNEXPECTED RESULT! THE CROWD HAS GONE ABSOLUTELY WILD!

Crowd(An few old grannys and a nerd or two):Yay!

Thats all all we have time for (It's time i stopped reading this crap) So good night.(Hope you die in your sleep)

Is that the end?[edit]



Really really. Poo

Really Really Really?[edit]

Really really really really.

Really Really Really Really Really?[edit]

Really really really really really really.

Really Really Really Really Really Really?[edit]

Shut up your wasting my time. My precioussssssss tiime...




The hard disk's legacy is famous for its legacy.


The hard disk has a legacy.


It is commonly conjectured that the hard disk has a legacy.

Slow yourself for a moment. Honestly. Know that I truly have never experienced the torture that is "sudden skinless ness syndrome". I live in a healthy home. On top of that, for several weeks, I've cooked myself a veggie stir fry with a tomato purée finish. Ilike it with red pepper flakes. I have been enjoying myself the last 2 hours. Good times and.............................................................pork belly. Succulent and so forth. Salty, sweet, savory :)