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It cannot be stressed enough that, if you are a furry and choose to share the hamster ball experience with your pet, you must avoid any area with large eagles or condors that might consider the two of you to be lunch and an appetizer.

You've probably seen those clear plastic balls to put your pet hamster in. You may wonder, just what are they good for? That is, except for writing bad sentences that end in prepositions.

Your little hamster needs loads of exercise but it must not be too strenuous. A hamster ball provides the perfect combination of exercise and mental stimulation. In fact, they make human-sized ones so you and your pet can go for walks outside together. Just stay out of areas with eagles and large dogs.

Most importantly, you can share your favorite sport with your hamster: bowling!!!.

Find a hamster-certified bowling alley in your neighborhood. Your hamster will not require bowling shoes and neither will you if you stay in your hamster ball. You won't need bowling balls either. Just take turns rolling down the lane, first making doubly sure the ball return is shut off.

Now the typical hamster is outweighed by a factor of ten by each bowling pin, but hamsters are persistent creatures and are allowed to take up to ten minutes to knock down as many pins as they can. Just don't expect a lot of strikes. At the same time, hamsters are very good at picking up 7-10 splits given the time limits. There are variant rules where you can team up with your hamster and either one can be the first ball.

You obviously found that bowling is a great sport because you can drink lots of beer during a game. This is not recommended for the hamster as they don't take well to alcohol. Besides, somebody has to be the designated driver to get you both home safely.

Take the hamsters bowling, take them bowling
~ Camper Van Beethoven