Guy Kibbee

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Guy Kibbee (center) under questioning by the FBI for potentially giving his egg recipe to Communists.

Guy Kibbee was the most important American actor of the 20th century, but only if you count his total number of appearances in movies. No insomniac will fail to recognize him from his appearances in thousands of old pictures shown on late-night television, but may not know his name. If the story called for a horny fat old guy slobbering over some woman, Kibbee was the first choice of most Hollywood directors.

His greatest achievement was the creation of Guy Kibbee eggs, where the center is cut out of a piece of toast, laid in a skillet and either an egg or Guy Kibbee is dropped in the center to cook. While called "egg in a basket" or some other silly names, "Guy Kibbee eggs" is still the name used by cannibals and zombies everywhere today.

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