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Greasy, eh?

Greece on the China occupied by Turkey? Usually, it is turkey that occupies china, and usually it's on the last Thursday of November.

Yes, yes it is.

Yes it is[edit]

Yes it is.

Yes it is[edit]

Yes it is

Oh yeah[edit]

Yes it is

Illogicopedia is the stupidest site on the web[edit]

Yes it is

No it isn't[edit]

Yes it is, you teeny subheading.

Well that's greasy.[edit]


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(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: {{{national_motto}}}
Anthem: {{{national_anthem}}}
Capital Athens
Official languages Greek
Government A pile of greasy french fries
National Hero(es) {{{national_heros}}}
Currency {{{currency}}}
Religion Christianity, Greek mythology, Hellenism
Population 5,000,000[1]
Area 111,111 km2
Population density 45 per km2
Ethnic groups {{{ethnic_groups}}}
Major exports {{{major_exports}}}
Major imports {{{major_imports}}}
National animal {{{national_animal}}}
Favourite pastime {{{favourite_pastime}}}
Opening hours {{{Opening_Hours}}}
Internet tld {{{internet_tld}}}
Calling code {{{calling_code}}}

Anyway, Greece is a country, and it is full of olives, and greasy french fries. In fact, the people are governed by a pile of greasy french fries.

Major cities[edit]


Athens is the capital of Greece. It is named after Athena, the Greek goddess of headaches. It is in a region called Attica.


Sparta is Greece's other major city. It is well known for the tendency of its people to go running around with spears and shields yelling, "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA!" They are oddly good at fighting.


  1. AND A HALF!!!