God's underwear

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Zeus has seen it LOL!!!!!”

God's underwear is the undergarment worn by God and his cronies since 1896. If God's underwear done football then surely it would be good football. Tae bonnie lass.

When you die[edit]

Yes, when you die you actually pass through God's underpants. Not his underwear because Chinese law breakers make them. No, underpants... UNDERPANTS!

“The rain in Spain falls mostly on God's pants”

~ Judy Garland on being a slag

“Play it again Sam, ”

~ Bogart on God's plants. I MEAN PANTS! Sorry about that


"Hell yeah son, yersee gods underpants made me the man I am today. Yersseee, without them I wouldn't have got yer mum pregnant, baby!"


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