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Garbage is the most valuable substance ever because um ... well it just is, OK?

As Naruto (a prime example of garbage) would say, "BELIEVE IT!!"

Do you want to hear the garbage song? NO! OF COURSE YOU DON"T!!!

"Garbage juice", the delicious nectar that drips off the bottom of a dumpster, is known to be a primary source of nutrition for /b/tards.

Where garbage can be found[edit]

  • In garbage cans.
  • On the streets. Which makes the streets look amazing.
  • On YouTube in the form of bad videos.
  • Elsewhere on the Internet. [Particularly Encyclopedia Dramatica.]
  • On TV in the form of advertisements, political speeches, and shows like Teletubbies.

I have one last comment to make.


Who eats garbage?[edit]

  • Yo mama
  • Trash compactors, the squid that lives in the garbage compactor in the detention level of the Death Star
  • The idiots who eat at Mcdonald's
  • The american public for watching sitcoms and t.v. commercials
  • Racoons, bears, Charlie the Unicorn

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