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Entering different household appliances and furniture will take you to different places. When using the fridge, make sure you first clean out all the decaying leftovers stuffed against the back and have Indiana Jones get out of the way before passing through.

With the renewed popularity of the Narnia books and COVID restrictions, people have taken its first book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to heart.

And that means to literally to go out and buy a large wardrobe, stuff it with clothes, then climb in to visit Narnia. If you end up in Namibia instead and perish in its desert wastes, your family can get a refund on the wardrobe.

Upon arrival, you will find small and subtle changes from the books. You will still arrive in Winter snow like the Pevensie children did. If you forgot a warm coat, you will be able to purchase one at the Eddie Bauer or L.L. Bean stores just ahead. Note that the street lamp has now changed into an abstract 5-story tower featuring a sound and light experience ironically playing Darude's Sandstorm nonstop, 24/7. Mr. Tumnus is gone, having been shot and eaten by visiting barbecue fans from Kansas City. Instead, there are standing cutouts where you can stick your head through a hole and look just like Mr. Tumnus to take as many photos as you like. However, it does insure you will be shot and eaten just like Mr. Tumnus.

Jadis the White Witch no longer rides around offering Turkish Delight to visitors, since most of them are adults with dentures. She does own the boulevard of souvenir shops leading to her castle where Turkish Delight is available for purchase. There are guided tours for her castle, with sleazy motel-style rooms available by the hour if visitors have gotten friendly with a centaur or two.

At the same time, Aslan has become a Buddhist so he can resurrect himself twice a day, with extra matinees on weekends. The Pevensie kids are now adults, obviously, each with their own castles. Being adults, each has a minefield and barbed wire surrounding their domains, and any attempt at taking their pictures will result in a squad of security personnel coming to beat you to a pulp.

Better endings than Game of Thrones[edit]