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Fun is a generic term applied to pursuits that have little constructive meaning and only serve to satisfy the individual(s) concerned. Quiet at the back there!

Having fun is discouraged as it may lead to overactive pleasure glands. And we all know what that leads to now, don't we?

Er, the Teletubbies?

~ Kid

Incorrect! You have been having too much fun watching television, child. Detention!

Aw, can I not have my tea first?

~ Kid

No, you insufferable urchin! Write 100 times on the blackboard: "I must not eat food because it can be fun".

'Fun' things[edit]

There's a lot of fun in you know "fun"

~ Kate

A brief list of things that are considered 'fun' by some:

Kate's fun talk[edit]

Moments of romance, and that being fun, leads to the horniness of Ms Awesomeness making me feel good there. The clit being aroused, thinking of the time our pissers meet real soon. If it makes the deep part of my clit pop out and roll back, it means fun! I don't even have to touch it. Getting that dick in me, the thought of it. And when it is in, not stopping even though it means I might get a baby. And the guy has fun, too.

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