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Bloody Yanks don't know how to use a fridge. Shoes, you twat!!

A fridge is the typically British household object beloved by its owners.

While sometimes Americans also refer to the Coldening and Frostifying Electrical Boxlike Apparatus (CFEBA) as a fridge, the word is entirely of British origin. "Fridge" derives from Mancunian acronym wordplay of the phrase Frosty Radness Innit, Dear George and Emily? And while boxy in shape, this appliance is not to be confused with The Box, since try as you might, you won't be able to get Coronation Street or any other programmes despite being scammed into paying for a television licence for it.

A fridge is a modern miracle, one of the 'mod cons' expected today when invading someone's home. Previously, people had to rely on an icebox that used a block of ice to keep food cool. This was delivered by an iceman who had to haul a heavy block of ice up 20 flights and would always have a friendly kick-in for the front door when householders didn't answer quickly enough. After a quick shag with the lady of the house, the iceman would continue on his way. Before this, families had to send their perishable foods to Scotland to keep them cold. This is the entire reason for Edinborough Castle, the storage locker for British monarchs for centuries. However, this method often required a 3-4 day wait at the dinner table for the milk and butter to arrive.

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Fridge, or simply go here.

It is highly recommended that you buy the largest fridge you can afford. So when you slip a fridge into your backpack, pocket or purse when going out, you will then have the maximum number of choices available to eat or drink.

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