Fresno Nightcrawler

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Four Fresno Nightcrawler sightings.

In 2007, a security camera picked up strange creatures walking around in the streets of Fresno, California.

These were pale, long-legged things that staggered around with a purpose, like drunks trying to get home after losing their car keys. Since video cameras, especially bad cheap ones used in the discovery video, do not take the variety of drugs popular in Fresno, the creatures remain unexplained. They have been named Fresno Nightcrawlers. More were later caught on video in Yosemite Park and later, elsewhere including Poland, while most people were hoping they were confined to loony California.

Certifiably insane animal lovers has stated that these were just deer walking on two legs. People fired from Sesame Street for psychedelic drug use contend they are puppets hung from wires. Tinfoil hat wearers on meds say that these are aliens of some kind. The best explanations are that they are either pants that have escaped from local mall stores or mini-grues on stilts going off to join the Ku Klux Klan.