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Feature voting

See below for a summary index of the current votes from which you can reach the individual voting pages. A full display of all active votes can be found here.

Article Score Nominator Nom. Date
Joe and the Toad (voting) 0 (0-0) (open) 2014-06-11
OMFG!! A TURTLE!!! (voting) 1 (1-0) (open) 2010-10-09
Henry (voting) 0 (0-0) (open) 2010-02-16
ɷ (voting) 0 (0-0) (open) Drew R. Smith 2010-01-29
I'll ask the questions here! (voting) 3 (3-0) (open) Dxpenguinman 2008-11-04
Mugging a pirate (voting) 4 (4-0) (open) I forgot 2008-10-21
The Writing of a Classic Childrens Book (voting) 4 (4-0) (open) Testostereich 2008-10-19
Deadly ghost of spellchecking (voting) 3 (3-0) (open) Testostereich 2008-10-10
An ordinary bathroom (voting) 4 (6-2) (open) W-Readmesoon 2008-10-02
2001: A Snail Odyssey (voting) 4 (5-1) (open) W-Readmesoon 2008-09-13

Previous entries can be found at the VFH archive - or separately, ones featured, ones waiting to be featured and the failed nominations.

This category tree also contains all nominated pages and their votes. (useful for checking that the VFH template has been added/removed correctly)

Nominate an article[edit]

Enter the full name of the article below (make sure to use proper capitalization) and click "Nominate", then follow the instructions on the next page to create the entry.

Subdepartment of Awardingses

Illogicopedian of the Month15:57, 31 Jeremy 2022Nigel Scribbler
(Fear) Arousing Hallowe'en Fables00:37, 26 Ergust 2020Nigel Scribbler
Christmas Rockin' Article Pursuit23:25, 25 Ergust 2020Nigel Scribbler
The Illogic Pickle 2.206:59, 16 Ergust 2020Nigel Scribbler
I'll ask the questions here! THE GAMESHOW01:50, 1 Novelniver 2008Dxpenguinman