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Much better than NASCAR, right?

Formula One is an exciting and highly popular racing sport.

In it, highly specialized babies crawl at speeds of up to 370 km/hr (230 mph) on a closed course with many twists and turns. There is a basic standard of rules including what can be fed to babies, hence the name, Formula One. Otherwise, anything goes, although a recent spending cap on clothing and toys has been introduced since 2019.

It is exciting to watch highly trained pit crews at work when a baby goes in for some formula or a diaper change. Every crew member has a specific job, and their movements are highly practiced so that a baby can be in and out of the pits in under 30 seconds.

Crashes are often fiery and spectacular. But due to fireproof onesies, kneepads and nannies stationed at every turn, babies are generally unharmed though often retire from a race at that point since their lack of attention is a sign they need a nap. So do I.

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