Forensic evidence

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"Tell me, Watson. What do you have to say about this?, " asked the great detective Sherlock Holmes.

"That cereal is an important part of a daily breakfast and I hadn't quite finished mine before coming here," grumped his colleague.

"No, no, no. I mean about the victim here," said Holmes.

"Well, he's dead. Isn't that enough?," said Dr. Watson.

"Look carefully. See the callouses on his hands? Clearly the mark of a tradesman, but the pattern shows he installs pipe. And note the slight curvature of his back, and the wear patterns on his trousers, indicating working in cramped spaces, like under a sink, for example. Our victim is a plumber."

"That's incredible, Holmes! And it completely matches up with his uniform that reads "Canterbury Plumbing" on the back," said Watson.


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