Fish grate ung!

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Fish grate! Less filling! Ung!

Ung! For grate justice. All your grate are belong to fish. Fish-ro-dah! Ung!

Where no fish has ever ung! before. He's ung!, Jim! It looks like fish but not as we grate it. Ung! Ung! Fire phasers on my ung! Grate me up, fishy. Fish grate off the starboard ung! Fish factor ung!, Mr. Sulugrate. Must... fish... grate... I dinna know how much more fish she can grate, captung!

Ung! jury!!! Grate Gatsby! Phish khrait ong! Ung! by his own petard! It's O-fish-L! Grate Caesar's Goat! Ung! For the fish!

Ung! Ung! Ung! Another ung! bites the dusk!

And blob's your ung! L.