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Various types of fish have the property of existing, variously, depending upon frame of reference, point of contention, extension of feasibility study, mailman's gallstone problem, and portions of dinner served on rice. For example, sturgeon, kale, veal, Neolamprologus brichardi, Bleeding Heart Tetra, rainbowfish (numerous types,) cherry barb, Black Phantom Tetra, some villains from Scooby Doo, the History Channel, Tuna, are kinds. I am the mackerel, I am the fish, I like to swim in the ocean like this.

Also kept as pets in glass contraptions with bottoms and water inside, and pieces of other equipment such as oyster bar, drinking glass, bubbler, filtration system (could be dry, wet, or attached on sideways with a type of clip.) Fished to extinction in some histories, thought to be edible but this is a wive's tale. Contradictions abound in the literature, for example they use toothpicks but not tools.

Praise the fish. All the fish.

Saltwater types are also, and there are some. Not salmon or catfish but some of them sting you in the anus.