Fiddler's Green

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After 57 days alone in this lifeboat, still no signs of rescue. The fresh water's gone and I haven't been able to catch a fish for days. The shark following me has been some kind of company but all he does is point to his mouth when I look in his direction. Can they even do that?

Suddenly, I hear a fiddle playing. I look out to the west and see an island with people dancing to the music. Why, it has to be Fiddler's Green, the legendary land of the afterlife for sailors. And I'm headed straight there.

So I land and head toward the dancers. Then I notice that the only song ever played was Turkey in the Straw. Over and over and over. I yell out a request, Free Bird, I think, but nobody hears me. Sadly, I go back to my lifeboat and go back out to sea.

The very next day, I hear a piece from Paganini's 24 Caprices for Solo Violin. Forget that shit.