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Far is farther away than you might think.


Too far to Fargo? Far and away, the broken doll parts of indulgence do not always lead to the course of rectangular validation. Far, far is far. Farther but not further. Keep your third eye on the prize, not being distracted by the degree of distance from here to there or even the merciless Orange of Happiness rising in the Far East.

But how far is far? Far enough. Farther? Farther? Even farther? Far enough to reverse the loss of reversion of the banality of balsam, a true measure of distance. With geometry and careful measurement, we can tell just how far far is. Farther is as farther does, as your father might say. And can we truly trust the concept of "far" since far gets closer as you approach it and becomes not so far anymore? That's far from what you might expect and what every single one of the neighborhood red-headed conures might determine by ouija board.

Still, far and away, we must remember that the world is round if not flat. Back up a few steps and where you want to go isn't so far anymore. Keep backing up and you're there before you know it. So always go backwards when something is far away. So why are we not going backwards to get to Mars? Start digging.

Far, far, far, far, fart, farthing.