Exquisite corpse

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Flower arrangement 01.jpg

Wow, I guess I'm really dead.

'Cause here I am, kind of floating in the air, at my own funeral and nobody can see me. But whoa! Look at all the people that showed up! And those are some really nice flowers there. The family spared no expense, I guess. And just look at that coffin! That must have cost a small fortune. I think I'll go over to the casket to see if they did a good job on me. These mortuary guys are the best, I've heard.

HEY!!?? That's not me!!!! That's my dog, Skippy!!! Poor Skippy! Where's my funeral, then??? What's going on??? That's when I hear cousin Gladys whispering real loud like she usually does, so I get closer and listen.

"... so poor little Skippy drowned when that idiot ran his car off the road into the swamp. They never did find his body, you know. The animals must have gotten to it."

So that explains the alligator sitting in the back row.