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For some reason or another, wild monkeys got loose in the Starbucks where I was sitting and were ripping up the place. The one exit was blocked with people trying to get out so I reached over to grab my laptop while trying to figure out how I could break one of the windows. Just then, a monkey jostled my hand, making me hit the keyboard.

Suddenly, I found myself on some peaceful tropic island. I understood right away; the Esc key worked as expected, not like when I try to get out of a locked up computer like back in the old days! After a brief search of this tiny island, there were no buildings and no place where I could recharge my laptop. So I decided to take my chances and hit Esc.

Now I was on a spaceship since I could see stars on a giant viewscreen. The room had about a dozen grey aliens, all just barely giving me glance and going back to whatever they were doing right away. They looked real busy. Then I saw the rear viewscreen and saw some other spacecraft following them a firing energy beams of some sort. Not good. Behind that spaceship, I saw the Earth receding! Really not good. I held my breath and hit Esc. Nothing! In a panic, I tried Alt+Esc and everything went black.

Now I was in a room with fancy decorations, with a lot of bric-a-brac. I started looking around and finally found a wall plug but it was for a four-prong connection. I sat down and tried figure out what I should do next. Maybe this puzzle mural opposite me would provide a clue.

"It's closing and I can't get this guy to wake up," said the Starbucks worker bee to her manager.

The manager said, "I've seen this before. He must have played Myst and somehow got locked into the game. Help me pick him up, chair and everything. We're just going to put him into the storeroom and deal with him in the morning. He'll be okay in the meantime."

"That's what we did with the guy that was playing Fortnite and... oh jeez, he's still in the storeroom."