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Emo can refer to...

  • A disease which kills the sufferer from the clothes inwards.
  • Losers who have no life, whine about it constantly, and eventually either make money off of it, slit their wrists constantly, or commit suicide. Occasionally, these people will infect others, thus leading the infected victim's friends to notice and beat up the infecter. Even more occasionally the infected emo people simply go around with chainsaws and [[[Whackapedia|whack]] everyone within a six-foot radius before realizing that the chainsaw is not plugged in, thus rendering it almost useless. Except for applying Texas Chainsaw Manicures, providing the chainsaw is of Texan origin.
  • A style most commonly used by the above people, or by people who are wannabemo (wannabe emo) people, or people mocking emo people. Or people mocking people mocking emo people.
  • Goths, who are kind of pretty much really just emo people, but much less loser-like, and mostly are much better in every way than actual emo people.
  • A weird type of monkey, that wears eyeliner and likes to swim!!!1!

Emos should never be confused with Elmo. Because Elmo tickles emos, thus exploding them.

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