Elephant condominium

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Elephants build elaborate homes for themselves based on local architectural styles and the fantasy books that they favor.

For hundreds of years, people were obsessed with finding the legendary elephants graveyard. But humans should have been more concerned about where elephants actually live, since the large animals seem to just disappear at times. After all, no elephant nests with their eggs have ever been found and it is generally too dangerous to find out where elephants sleep at night.

Biologists have recently discovered elephant condominiums. Surprisingly, they are not in the savannahs or jungles of Africa or Asia, but deep underwater in the Indian Ocean. Skillfully built by the elephants themselves, these towering structure are built on the seafloor. Each building can hold up to 300 families since there are no elephant building codes known.

Building is begun by the construction of large rafts that are floated out to the building site. Flying monkeys are hired to steal building supplies and bring them to the raft. Then secret elephant construction methods are used to build towers with airlocks to keep builders and later, residents, dry. When completed, the elephants are safe from Great White sharks and door-to-door salesmen with a security guard hired to sleep at the front desk, blocking access.

It appears that elephant condominiums are like any other. Like those owned by humans, a committee is selected to embezzle funds and pretend that things are being repaired when they really aren't.