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Two Egyptian midgets building another pyramid, it looks like. Their camels are not shown.

Egypt is the place with the pyramids and all that sand. You'd think they would change the look after all these years with a bunch of pines and spruce trees, with a fjord and glacier or two. But no.

Now with all that sun and blowing sand, Egyptians do get to wear all kinds of cool sunglasses. Plus they get to ride camels everywhere they go. And nobody cares if your run around in robes and sandals any day of the week. The only trouble there is you have to be careful to watch where you walk. Never stand over a vent unless you want that Marilyn Monroe thing to happen to you.

It's a pretty laid-back kind of place, let me tell you. They only have to have a major war with Israel every ten years or so and that's it. Otherwise, it's watching ships pass through the Suez Canal and visiting depressing tombs and pyramids. At least they have good stuff to eat. No potato salad, though, because it attracts sand like a magnet.

For tourists[edit]