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“Guess what, Kate? Everybody else, FTW.”

You too can go through the screen of your laptop just like Alice in Through the Looking Glass. Several hacks on how to do this are posted online. One is here. Then just push through to enter the mirror world. It helps not to be a 6-footer, for sure.

You will find that it is pretty dark except for behind you where the lit screen is. It will probably look like this:

Egap Niam.jpg

Pretty neat, huh? Unfortunately, what's on the screen blocks everything else in the room I left. Probably should have started with something more transparent, I guess. So if that's it, I'm going ba... Hey!! I can't go back through! Shit! I never thought something like this would happen! Well, if you see me roaming around behind your laptop screen, do me a solid and ask the nearest 10-year-old to get me out of here. Thanks!