Eeble sonk

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The old Gypsy Romani woman Maleva pointed her walking stick at Norman Bates.

She said, "Ven de moon is full, and Eeble meets Sonk to create de Eeble sonk, your mother vill rise from her rocking chair and change de channel of your television. And Larry Talbot becomes de werewolf."

Bates was perplexed, "Who?"

Maleva replied, "He vas a big. powerfully-built man. An American. He had a cane with a silver wolf's head on it. You've met him. He's been to you lodgings."

Bates scowled. "I don't think so. Mother or I would have remembered."

This turned into a shouting match and soon the two were wrestling on the ground. The sheriff happened to be nearby and arrested both, putting them in separate cells. Each then turned into a bat and flew through the bars to continue the fight until they were eaten by a grue.