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The hand is eaten separately from the dragonfruit.

The dragonfruit, or pitaya, or pitahaya, is certainly weird enough to make you wonder why people eat those things.

While they say that it is just the fruit of some cactus, we all know that dragons hatch from these things so we have to be careful with them. It can't be a fruit because God would not make something with so many seeds in it for us to eat.

Yet, people in Asia and elsewhere eat these things all the time. How did this happen? Dragonfruit only come from the Americas. We can only suspect that some dragons accidentally dropped them all over the world so that brave and stupid people would come along and try to eat them. I wouldn't want to be the person eating a dragonfruit when a dragon happened by. You could just imagine hearing, "My child! My child!" and then, "Vengeance is mine! Deth from above!". I could certainly do without all the drama and the third degree burns. Even if they do just come from some cactus, you could still expect to hear "My child! My child!", etc., etc., etc.

Stick to bananas. They're a lot safer unless they come back to life in your hand.