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A distraction is what happens when you are doing something and whoa! Is that a giant flying horse out there? I think it is!! Right outside the window! Hey, everybody! Look!!! Right over the gray building! Oh. It's just a cloud, I guess.

So like I was saying, a distraction is... WHAT IS THAT??? I just saw something moving on the floor! It was pretty big and black and... Ha! Silly me. That just the end of my shoe. What was I thinking, hey?

So hold on, don't interrupt me because you'll get me distracted and I'll lose my train of thought. And that would be a bad thing. Let me tell you, with all the stuff going on around here all the time, it's really, really easy to do. Just like making those cinnamon buns that come in a can. You know those? I forget the brand... uh, it'll come to me, just don't say anything or give me a hint. I know this. It's... ahh, it was right there on the tip of my tongue. Crap.

So, like I was telling the other people in the office earlier, that movie last night with the guys stuck in the submarine was pretty scary, let me tell you. Had me right on the edge of the seat the whole time. It got really good when... you have a question?

Okay, sure, ask away. Yes, this is 911, for sure, like I said earlier. A fire, you say? Wow, no kidding! That's pretty scary, too. Sorry to hear about that! We can get a little distracted around here sometimes like I started to explain before and...