Diary of a man typing in the dark

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“Üjxööod Jx;sm]]”

~ Typist

23th Jumvly 32--

As I sit hwew the light is facing and I am indfreasingly unabel to see what I am foiing=-====,. To make matters worjks, my backspoace button seems to be beokwqn. As sucj I have to recort to tough typing which I thoroughly such akt. Man how I wisdh I had bought thay table lamp frim Tescos, things would have been musd easier. Ahj well, must make ro.

Today I tceived myu wage packet iof £41.34. I plan to speng it on new items do I will not have thos problem tomorroe!

24rh Jumbly 2009

Well, I fing myself in a similar wituatuin to lasyt nuight, wgat with my stupid brojen kejboard and lack iof a kiught dource. I spent all the moneyu on Grand Theft Aufoi 4 and man was it worth it! Bur I have to adnit this is kinf of annoyuing. Nnnng, have to wait until next week now,=.

25th Junbly 2008

Erm, well I won;t be able to puirchase a light for a while. Um, so I'm foing to play football instad.

31sat Jumbly 2008

Pleased to say I gfotr my wage packet anf I bought a new keyuboarsd! I still can't see what I am foing though.

1st Ergust 2008

Success! After weeks of being taunted on the Internet I am now able to type like a normal person! I don't know why I didn't think of writing these entries during the daytime before. Anyway, I am bored and have decided that blogs are for opinionated tossers, so this will be my last entry.