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Detroit is the city that tries to rival Cleveland and Buffalo for being "The Butt of America".


Detroit was founded by Chevorlet in 1701 when he was drinking some water between that lake in between the Great Lakes. He got some help with Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, and Cadillac. They called the city Detroit which meant in Pontiac's native tounge "Where the city has 1,000,000 problems".

The French and Indian War would destroy the only building in Detroit called "Fort Detroit" in 1763. They would rebuilt Detroit, but the Native Indians who lived there and was descendant of Pontiac said that if you rebuild Detroit, you'll have 200 years of prosperity, but the next 100 years you'll see a lot of problems. However, it will be slower than Cleveland.

But this was all said in Native tounge so the Detroitians didn't understand. This was in 1765.

Prosperity and Downfall[edit]

In 1904, Henry Ford would find an area in Detroit and make it the center of Ford. The GM people would later form in 1910 as the founders names of Detroit. This would be the Motor Capital of the world.

But in 1965, all that would change. A riot would break-out and cause the Ford Building to be destroyed. The fight was about who was better, The Four Tops or The Temptations. Detroit never recovered and it still hasn't!

Detroit Lions[edit]

In the 50's, The Detroit Lions would be the best franchise in the NFL, but in 1958 things would change when Ford would buy The Lions and trade their Quarterback to Pittsburgh. After that, The Lions would have 100 problems, the 2008 Season was proof that The Lions were the biggest joke in the NFL by finishing a defeated season 0-16.


In 1959, Detroit would form Motown to get people to stay in Detroit. However, it was focused on music with musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, and Smokey Robinson among others. But like other Detroitians...Motown left for Los Angles in 1972.

Motown never recovered after that.

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