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The Daleks, the Borg and the Vogons arrived at the Earth at the same time, each intent on destroying it. After a short meeting, it was decided that all three would destroy it simultaneously after the Borg were allowed to take some earthlings to assimilate. And so it was done, with a blinding flash. Nothing remained of the planet, not even cinders. Or so they all thought.

For the titanic force of the explosion ripped the space-time fabric and sent the world intact into the Happycat Dimension.

Welcome to the Happycat Dimension! was heard by everyone on Earth by telepathy. It was Happycat.

Thought Reverend Billy Bob Smith, We are humbled and honored to worship you, Lord Happycat. Many people murmured their agreement.

Happycat replied, Carry on with what you already worship. Most of the beings here are Pastafarians in any case. There was more murmuring.

Thought Emperor Donald Trump XIV, Then we bow to your great power, O Mighty King! Cheering broke out and continued for some time.

Happycat replied, It's not like that here. Just do your best and carry on like before. More murmuring again.

All the bankers, lawyers and brokers thought at once, But we're yours now! You need to take care of us! We need money to bail us out! We need cures for all our diseases!

Happycat replied, Your problems are of your own making and they are yours to resolve, as it always was and shall ever be. Now everyone on Earth was talking at once and starting to panic.

Someone thought, YOU"RE AN ANARCHIST!!!!

Happycat replied, Something like that.

At that point, thousands of humans were racing toward New York, where the Destroy World Button was kept. They fought to be the one to push it, and destroyed the earth. It wasn't pretty.

Happycat sighed and thought to herself, They did it again. Well, there's always next time.