Death of Santa

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Santa dead.jpeg the death of Santa occurred about 6 years ago on July 6th 2002.

                           He was practicing with the reindeer when he made one sharp turn.
                           The turn was so sharp that the sleigh flipped upside down and out
                            came Santa falling. Quickly, the reindeer made another steep turn
                           . In the lead, was none other than Blitzen. Not noticing Santa was falling,
                          Blitzen suddenly fell. Causing the other reindeer to fall, they all trampled
                          Santa. It was the end for our jolly friend.

                                                                  Tuesday, December 1, 08
                                                                               Sincerely, J. Chen
                    Hello anyone in 5L. Everything in this article is true.                                
                    Thank you for reading this article.