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David Duke is a white supremacist. To Brits, he is also a ginger, giving another part of the world another reason to hate him.

After his term as Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, he magically became a born-again Christian and Republican party member. As Republicans had also become the far-right racist group it is today, it was a perfect fit. He campaigned for several offices, shaking hands with people at lynchings and church firebombings, but failing to win when Republicans failed to shoot enough black voters.

Not knowing that Duke had probably embezzled millions from the Klan, his followers contributed heavily to his appeal for funds when he told them he was on the verge of bankruptcy. He used the funds for personal investments on the number 7 in various casinos as would be expected for any good Christian. After serving 15 months in prison for fraud, he is now a proclaimed reborn-again Christian or whatever seems to be popular these days.