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David Beckham is a former Manchester United mascot (1986) that is famous for being married to Posh Spice.

On 4 July 1999 Beckham married Victoria Adams, aka Posh Spice of the Spice Girls singing group. Unknown before this, Beckham suddenly was thrust into the limelight and capitalised on it. After hiring Amy Winehouse's father as a publicity consultant, Beckham had fake papparazzi follow him wherever he went, soon catching the attention of the major media outlets in the United Kingdom. While the notorious photo of him sitting wrong way round in a portaloo was criticised by some, most thought it be a masterstroke of publicity. The public drunken brawl with HM The Queen then put him on the front pages of the world's newspapers. It is still talked about today despite the knowledge that it was staged by Prince Philip as a prank.

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