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DarkMatter2525 is a popular YouTuber who creates comedy videos that poke fun at Christianity, and many of its Fundamentalist followers. The two main characters are God and Jeffery, an angel. God is portrated as pompous, lazy, stubborn, and unwilling to believe he is anything but perfect. Jeffery frequently attempts to highlight the flaws in his master's plans, but God simply refuses to believe anything he is capable of is less than perfect. Despite Jeffrey's best attempts at reasoning with him, God remains extremely uncompromising and reluctant to change Also potrayed are Jesus and Muhammad (Muhammed is portrayed as a structure of "Censored" boxes showing the rough outline of a person, as it is considered blasphemy to portray Muhammed in Islam.) Jeffrey's arguements include that the animals on Noah's arc would not survive the trip, and God's plan about Adam and Eve. Some of his videos are shown below.