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Uncle Dolan is a duck that is often seen ingesting various drugs and humping and killing other badly drawn creatures; sometimes at the same time. Uncle Dolan comes from some badly drawn comics by an artist from Finland that are somewhat reminiscent of Nod Flenders. In summary, make a derpy drawing of a somewhat well known cartoon character -> create your own meme.

Bonus points for slightly off language, such as what is seen in Polandball. Many 4chan comic memes are referenced in Engrish, the most popular being "everything went better than expected", a positive ending in rage comics.


Uncle Dolan is a bad drawing of the Disney character, Donald Duck. In some Disney animations, Donald has three nephews who refer to him as Uncle Donald. Uncle Dolan was known as Aku Ankka (Donald Duck) on a Finnish image board. Donald Duck comics were present on this imageboard, when one extremely talented individual tried to draw Donald in MS Paint. Now we have Uncle Dolan wielding axes, talking to Goofy, messing with Scrooge, speaking Engrish, and supplying his family with beverages filled with his bodily fluids.

Current status[edit]

Uncle Dolan is perhaps most used as a reaction image these days. The comics appear in the occasional Dolan thread on /b/.