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Nuff said

D-day or "Dickinson day" was a day in time when the allies invaded occupied France. The French gave them cheese as a thank you gift, but the cheese was off and most of them suffered food poisoning.

The beaches[edit]

When the allies landed they encountered no enemies whatsoever 'cept one Jerry sitting on the sand cleaning up Nazi toenail clippings. "Oh 'ello Tommies!" he said as he began to play his banjo. "Enough of the damn banjo, you Nazi bigot!" said a British soldier. As the day went on most of the Yanks began smoking weed on the beaches and generally having a gay orgy. All in all the initial stages of the invasion where boring, pointless and time wasting.

Deeper into enemy territory[edit]

The time came when the allies had to pack up their bags and leave the beach to advance deeper into enemy territory. They did and encountered nothing but a few Nazi soldiers lying naked on the grass covered in swastikas. Then they came to the various bunkers and pillboxes and found Nazi soldiers dancing to a German banjo solo and sucking on champagne.

The end[edit]

They all finally won the war and did no fighting at all! What do you have to say about that Sargent Jenkins?

Gay bunch of poofter PUSSIES!

~ Jenkins