Crystal's Darkrai EX LV.X (Nintendo All-Stars Promo)

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Crystal's Darkrai EX LV.X
Illus. Crystal Franks

Crystal's Darkrai EX LV.X is a Darkness-type Basic Pokémon card. It is part of the Nintendo All-Stars Promotional cards. It was released in North America only.

Card text[edit]

Gates of Darkness

Cost: Three Darkness Energies

Damage: 250



This card is based on Darkrai that appeared in The Rise of Darkrai movie. The Pokémon in circles in the illustration that are mentioned by the attack text are Celebi, Lugia, Mew, Jirachi, and Infernape that starred in the one of the hacked video games. Here is the list of them:

Celebi - Pokémon Naranja Version

Lugia (Shadow form)- Pokémon Acroiris Version

Mew - Pokémon Shiro Version

Jirachi - Pokémon Metallic Edition

Infernape - Pokémon Diamante Version

Also, Darkrai is also exclusive and the star in the latest hacked game, Pokémon Purple Version. Why? Because you can see it written on the illustration card. Pokémon Purple Version has been a modified version of Pokémon Ruby, with mostly Generation IV Pokémon in it. This card will be creditied to Crystal Franks, who usually makes this card, hence her name beside Darkrai's name. This card also comes from Pokémon Card Maker.