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Jesus Hmmm... so this is what my school report on Phurub should look like... I need to quit crossing out.

Phurub is famous on Illogicopedia which is pronounced illogicopedia. A runing etching gave birth to Phurub. Phurub was an illogic person, he founded Heather which founded god which founded people which founded illogicopedians. Phurub was famous on ?Pedia because he nose the cheese. Phurub enjoyed being retarded. He liked dancing with no clothes on in a park.. Phurub wore old hobo garments. All the time. Most of the time he would wear a potato sack.. Phurub liked making dresses for himself by sewing socks together. He even cut out the bottom of garbage bags, pull it up and put his arms through the handles to make a black garbage bag dress. When he was lucky he would edit his childhood clothes into clothes that would fit him. phurub was a illogic person but not as illogic as Heather. Phurub was teased a lot people will always call him tools of massive destruction. Anyway phurub will always be famous. He is a male and was born 8,444 days ago. Giggety.

My Illogic teacher hated all the crossouts, but i got an "I" on my report card because it stands for Illogic. Nice!!!